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Placing bets on a young fund: why it pays to invest in emerging managers

We’ve said it before and so have countless other reports in the industry, emerging managers, officially classified as first and second-time funds, outperform time and time again. However, the negative perception of these managers still weighs heavily on their backs, impeding their access to capital distributions from large investors, namely

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PE Secondaries: New Strategies and Regions Take Growing Market Share

According to market estimates, before the global financial crisis, 92 percent of private equity fund secondary sales by value involved buyout investment vehicles exclusively. Some 96 percent of funds changing hands focused on North America and Europe. However, since then – moving in lock-step with a private equity space that’s

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PE Secondaries: Liquidity! Liquidity! Liquidity!

Liquidity may have been hard to come by for PE investors in the 90s, but almost thirty years down the road it has become a demand. Regardless of the numerous reasons LPs have cited for selling their stakes, one thing is clear, they are less eager to wait for returns.

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