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Q&A: Mindset Ventures Raises Capital on Palico

Daniel Ibri is the managing partner and founder of Mindset Ventures Sao Paolo. We sat down with Daniel and discussed some of the pains of fundraising for emerging market funds looking to expand outside of the constraints of their own borders. In this Q&A he explains why Palico is an

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A First: Catering to the Small Secondaries Market

Palico’s digital marketplace is the first venue that makes it easy to buy and sell small secondaries, these are stakes of $10 million or less, sold by limited partners after fundraising has closed (typically once the fund is largely invested, making it possible to evaluate return prospects with greater certainty).

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Q&A: Banca Sella Invests on Palico

Luca Mannucci is the Milan-based investment advisor for Italy’s Banca Sella Holding. He explains why the banking group invests in funds via Palico’s digital marketplace. Why are you using a digital marketplace to invest in private equity? LM: Gruppo Banca Sella is a fintech leader in Italy and they have

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Q&A: Insurer HNA Invests on Palico

Angel Garcia Diez is head of investments at Spanish insurance group HNA. He explains here why HNA invests through Palico’s digital marketplace. You’re based in Madrid, which is not a center of international private equity. Does that make it hard for you to find funds using traditional means? AGD: Yes, and that’s

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Q&A: Star Mountain Raises Capital on Palico

Brett Hickey is chief executive and founder of Star Mountain Capital, a private equity manager focused exclusively on credit and equity investments in the U.S. lower middle market. He explains here why Star Mountain chose to fundraise using Palico’s digital marketplace. What was the advantage of using Palico for Star Mountain’s recently

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