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Here’s one way that PE will boost the post-pandemic recovery

Cutting costs, bolt-ons, multiple arbitrages, a little leverage. Just a few tried-and-true methods that private equity uses to create value in portfolio companies, to deliver the investment returns that LPs so crave. Well, now you can add exports to that list. In a paper published this month, academics found that companies backed

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The rising tide is good news for buyout and VC fund managers

Things are looking great for private equity fundraising. Firms are now amassing more capital than prior to the pandemic. All told, $188bn was raised across 452 funds in Q1, surpassing the $163bn collected by 431 funds in the same quarter of 2020, Preqin data show. A soaring stock market has undeniably

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Stars Align for a Stellar Year in Secondaries

The market for private equity secondaries was something of a damp squib in 2020. GP-leds performed well owing to the relative ease of valuing funds with only one or two holdings to their name, but PE fund secondary deals were few and far between. All told, this core of the market halved in

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Podcast: Good Growth Capital founders on complex tech & diversity‬

Today’s newsletter highlights a fantastic podcast with Maureen Stancik Boyce and Amy Salzhauer – both Managing Partners and co-founders of Good Growth Capital, one of the premier early-stage VC funds.They share insights on what makes them so uniquely successful when to comes to finding, cultivating, and assessing complex science and technology start-ups. Founded in

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Private Equity + Diversity = Good Growth

What is the #1 reason institutions invest in private equity? For strong uncorrelated returns, of course. I’ve been thinking about this recently, and how this intersects with another topical conversation in March, namely all the events and resources surrounding International Women’s Day earlier this week and Women’s History Month in

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