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10 Decisions Endowments and Foundations should be making right now

As a category endowments and foundations (E&Fs) include some of the most sophisticated and prominent institutional investors. They have long been known for successfully generating outsized returns from top-quality investment programs. Now, in 2020, E&F investment portfolios are being relied on even more to support underlying operations that are under pressure. We

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Making sense of Biden’s election from a Private Equity perspective

Joe Biden has claimed presidential victory. The potential for swift and fundamental legislative change has many implications, even within the private equity industry alone. The main point of contention, however, is what happens to capital gains tax (CGT) assuming Democrats gain enough senate seats to drive legislation forward. • 5

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PE fund pricing may have made a rapid comeback, for now

All eyes have been on the private equity secondary market in recent months – sellers attempting to determine whether they can dispose of fund interests to raise liquidity without swallowing steep discounts, and buyers seeking to make the most of the market dislocation. • 4 min. read • However, there

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Tipping the ESG Balance Through Secondaries

We teamed up with Unquote for a live briefing in July, discussing whether LPs are using this unprecedented time to scrutinise their portfolios and perhaps look to sell positions that do not align with their values and ESG criteria. Our Head of Strategy, Claire Woolston Commons, spoke with Paul Newstone,

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