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The Untapped Potential of Private Debt Secondaries

Measured against the circa $70bn private equity secondaries market, private debt secondaries are small potatoes. For now, at least. However, good sense suggests that is about to change. So far, 2019 has provided compelling evidence of what could be the coming advent of private debt secondaries. For one, an estimated

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Intelligent Bidding: Navigating NAVs

Unlike picking stocks, private equity investing is something of a black-box exercise. Select a GP, entrust that manager with committed capital and hope that they diligently curate a portfolio of assets that reap rewards over the coming decade. Secondaries, meanwhile, put investors in a far more transactional, hands-on role. This

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Palico Private Equity Secondary Pricing Report Q3 2019

We are excited to present you with our latest private equity fund secondary pricing report. The typical transaction on the secondary market is valued at 100 percent of net asset value in terms of median, with the mean a touch lower at 98 percent, according to the latest Palico survey of

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Secondaries “go big”, but what about the forgotten middle?

Secondaries fund managers are in an arms race. For the last few years, Ardian and Lexington Partners have been vying for the top spot, raising successively record-breaking vehicles to snatch up every pre-owned PE fund stake in sight. However, they’re not the only ones amassing hefty arsenals. Nine of the

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