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When the Denominator Effect Comes Calling

Few talk about the denominator effect these days, but they soon will. For those with short memories, the phenomenon refers to the relative weighting to private equity (the numerator) in an investor’s portfolio growing by virtue of a fall in the public markets (the denominator). This skews target allocations, forcing

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Q&A with Exergy Capital Management LLP

How would you describe Exergy’s specialized investment strategy and how it is positioned in the market compared to other energy-focused funds? Exergy is targeting selected sub-sectors and proven niche technologies driving the energy transition, a global trend towards decarbonization, electrification, and digitization of the economy.  The strategy benefits from this long-term structural

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The Rise of Family Offices and Secondary Interests

Family offices continue to be a hot topic these days. According to FINTRX, a Boston-based family office data and research platform, there are now 2,350 family offices globally, with over $50 million in AUM. That is an increase of 23% over the previous year when the same report showed 1,910

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Secondaries: Is the whole always greater than the sum of the parts?

Secondary portfolios are trending towards majority or single buyer sales, but sellers may be missing out on optimizing pricing Billion dollar transactions are becoming more commonplace in the secondary market, with sellers shopping around record-breaking portfolios as of late. Secondary funds are raising record amounts of capital, just note the

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